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The Vietnamese history dates back until 4000 years. Often this beautiful country was occupied by China. However the latest was by French. So the vietnamese culture is influenced by Chinese and French. This can be seen in architecture and cuisine as well. Vietnam is a country of natural and cultural diversity and a serious must see in South East Asia.



Vietnam offers a great diversity in nature. In the north are spectacular mountain range, rivers and of course, the vietnam typical rice terraces, that offers unforgetable scenic views. Central Vietnam offers scenic river towns, national parks and long, white sandy beaches. In the south the Mekhong Delta is dominating the landscape and always worth a visit.






Vietnamese cuisine is light and mostly mild in taste. There are influences by Chinese, Thailand, French and sometimes even India. Most famous is the noodle soup (pho)  that is served all over the day with different accessories and a mild, harmonic taste. Well known is also the vietnamese coffee culture. Everywhere in town it is served in coffee houses or by street vendors.







Presently there are 54 different ethnic groups living in the country. The majority with 90% are the Viet people. The other 10% are small ethnic groups. Currently 70% of the population is influenced by the buddhism. Vietnamese are very proud of their traditions and practice them.


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