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Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, opened its doors for tourism not so long ago. Since then its growing to be a desireable travel destination.

The former british colony is still very strong dominated by buddhist culture. Most of the people are still stick with their old traditions and life. Myanmar has an ancient history. All over the country travelers can find traces like temples, stupas and monastries.

Still a place to discover



For nature lovers Myanmar can offer some very interesting sites. In the north, the Himalaya with cold climate and snow covered mountains, is dominating the landscape. The highest peak of Southeastasia with 5882m is situated there. Also the two largest inland lakes, travelers can find in this beautiful country. However Myanmar can be even a beach destination for someone who is looking for white sandy beaches that are still not overcrowded.



The Myanmar cuisine is influenced by thai, chinese and indian cuisine. Although indian seems to dominate as most of the famous dishes are curries.







Myanmar is home of many different old tribes that are willing to share their life and welcome tourists warm. Burmese take their religion very serious so tourists should respect their rules, especially when visiting the religious sites.

Three seasons of Myanmar

The hottest period is between February and May, when there is little or no rain and temperatures can rise above 40°C (104°F). The rainy season is generally from May to October, giving way to dry, cooler weather from October to February.

The coast and the mountains see significantly more rainfall than the arid central plains, which include Mandalay and Bagan, and roads can become impassable during the rainy season in those areas.

Overall, the best months to visit are from November to February. The only notable downside (other than the fact that places are busy with other tourists) is that river travel can be slow as water levels are low, meaning that boats have to travel more slowly; this is partilularly notable on long journeys as ferries cannot travel overnight for fear of being grounded on sandbanks.

If you come to Myanmar in the rainy season, bringing a raincoat or an umbrella is a good idea; warm clothes are reccomended when visiting hilly areas or taking on long distance buses.



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